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Dr. Mohamad Mtairek

Dr. Mohamad Mtairek is a professor who enjoys teaching Business Administration. He was born in Lebanon, in 1970. Dr. Mtairek completed his Doctorate in Business Administration from University of Phoenix in 2013. He earned his Masters of Business Administration with concentration in Strategic Management from Davenport University in 2006. In 2004, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Davenport University. As being the founder of five Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurants named Shish Kabob Express, Dr. Mtairek researched in his dissertation failure in small restaurant businesses. The dissertation was planned to close a gap in the restaurant industry literature that fails to recognize the limited service restaurants as a viable resource for industry data. The majority of employee job satisfaction literature in the restaurant industry gathers data from corporate run, chain restaurants. The research examined small restaurant business organizations from Michigan to determine what relationship exists between leadership style and organizational profitability and success. In the community, Dr. Mtairek is a member in International Leadership Association. As well, he has consulted for a variety of business, and educational clients. As a leader, Dr. Mtairek motivates and encourages his subordinates to start their businesses and coach them to be successful entrepreneur. Dr. Mtairek is an active member who has participated in several events arranged by Macomb County, Wayne County, and Oakland County. Dr. Mohamad Mtairek is conservative in some acts and moderate in others. Dr. Mtairek is professional in dealing with diverse ethical groups as he lived in different societies and acquainted with different cultures. He first left Middle East to live in Ivory Coast, in West Africa, travelled to Canada, and then to Unites States that gave him the opportunity to deal with diverse people of various backgrounds. Mohamad and his wife Diana have been married for 12 years and sailing in a safe and blessed boat with their 3 children .Now the couple lives in Michigan.